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Beware of the phone scammers

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It has been reported by Jon Rawlinson, the Baslow Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, that there has been a spate of people being contacted by callers purporting to be from BT.

The bogus callers are contacting people and using various techniques to try to access personal information.

The recent incident involved the callers explaining that Jon’s computer had been compromised because hackers had accessed his BT modem and they were using it for illegal purposes.

The caller was asked if he was from BT and, of course, he said he was and was then asked to confirm the BT account in question. He gave an incorrect account number and when challenged that it was wrong the caller hung up.

If you get a call from anyone stating that they are from BT, Microsoft or any other company never give out any information and if you are unsure as to the credibility of the caller, don’t even confirm your name or address.

Such callers of course sound very convincing, but you need to challenge them the moment they start asking for personal details. If in doubt simply end the call. If it is from a genuine caller they will call back; if they’re fraudsters they’re unlikely to  bother.

Other scams include calls supposedly from Microsoft; in such cases the caller will tell you that they have been informed that your computer has a security issue and they need to access your computer remotely to fix it. This is an out-and-out scam and in such cases you should end the call.

If you have any doubt about the caller, irrespective of where they say they are calling from, the advice is to end the call.

In order to keep up to date and to stay informed about criminal activity in the area or online, the Baslow Neighbourhood Watch is now registered with Derbyshire Alert who administer neighbourhood watch for the county.

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