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Knowing your rights with door-to-door salespeople

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The Pedlar’s Act 1871 is the legislation that governs the regulation of door-to-door selling. A Pedlar’s Certificate allows a person to trade whilst on foot, door-to-door and town-to-town. A peddler’s certificate is obtained from the Chief Officer of the Police from the area where the person lives.

Prospective pedlars need to be 17 or over and have lived in the local authority where they’re applying for at least 28 days. Local police stations issue certificates that cost £12.25; they are valid for a year and can be used anywhere in the UK.

Those who work as a pedlar without a valid certificate, or it is them fraudulently, can be fined up to £200.

Please call 101 and report if you receive an unwanted caller at your door, often these people are being exploited by others to carry out this task.
Here is a copy of a Nottinghamshire Pedlar’s Certificate to give you an idea of what one looks like.
This may well be outdated now, but it does give a general idea of what you can expect if one is shown to you.
It does display a photograph of the holder, although each county issues a slightly different format.
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