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Keyless cars are being targeted by criminals

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The latest alert from Baslow Neighbourhood Watch focuses on the growing number of thefts of cars with keyless entry systems.

There have been several thefts recently where the offenders have been caught on home CCTV systems showing them using a device that amplifies the signal from car keys whilst they are inside your house.

This device enables to thieves to access and steal the cars and has the appearance to a nylon chopping board.
If you own a keyless vehicle please keep your keys inside a metal box away from the front door, but a safe would be better.
The media has covered such stories, including the Daily Mail, which covered the story about how easy it was to steal BMWs:

Please contact Jon Rawlinson (Baslow Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator) if you have any information about this type of crime in order to assist the local police.


And, don’t forget that you can report any crime or suspicious behaviour with the Rural Crime Team’s new Facebook group:

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