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From 1 April 2017 Derbyshire Dales District Council will be charging for some replacement bins and refuse sacks.

The DDDC is introducing charges in response to further cuts in central government funding, although all replacement recycling containers (including blue-lid bins, inserts, blue bags, kerbside and kitchen caddies) will remain free of charge.

The cost of replacing all bins and containers has been costing the DDDC over £38,000 a year.

There will also be a nominal charge to replace green-lid bins. Dales households that use black sacks rather than grey bins for waste disposal will receive a free year’s supply of black sacks in April and May, but it will be the last time free black sacks are delivered. From April 2018 residents will need to buy their own standard size black sacks.

A DDDC spokesperson said: “It is well documented that we’re facing up to a 20% cut in central government funding this coming year on top of reductions of 21% in 2016/17 and almost 14% in 2015/16, so, despite achieving big savings and continuing to review our services, we are having to make some tough decisions right now.

“The message from us is please look after your bins by clearly labelling them with your property name and number. Bins should be presented by 7am on the day of collection and returned to properties as soon as it is practical do so after collection.

“If a bin goes missing, our best advice is to check nearby and wait to see if it reappears before ordering a replacement. All grey and green-lid wheeled bin replacements will need to be paid for unless the collection crew report the bin was damaged or fell into the back of a collection vehicle.”

Replacement bin costs from 1 April are £20 for a 140 litre grey bin, £25 for a 240 litre grey bin and £15 for a 240 litre green-lid bin. Residents moving into new build properties will pay a lower charge of £20 for a 140 litre grey bin (or will pay £25 for a 240 litre grey bin where the eligibility criteria is met), receiving free of charge a green-lid bin, blue-lid bin and a set of food caddies.

A roll of 52 food waste caddy liners will be delivered to all 34,000 homes across the Dales in April and May – and this service will continue to be free. Any household which does not receive the free caddy liners by the end of May must inform the District Council before the deadline of 31 July.

The same deadline applies for residents on a sack collection who have not received their black sacks or compostable sacks by the end of May. *

Residents can view a series of FAQs online: 

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