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TrYumph in Life’s guide to Christmas

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Are you fed up of all the ‘stuff’ around at Christmas? And are you someone that gets ‘fed up’ on all the tempting festive treats that seem to appear every which way you turn at this time of year?

Fear not! This mini-guide will give you some ideas of thoughtful gifts that will enhance health and feed souls, not bellies, whilst supporting local businesses along the way!

Meanwhile our ‘Damage Limitation Guide’ will give you a head-start on all those New Years Resolutions!

Enjoy! I hope you find this useful.

Best festive wishes,

Becky & Team

Christmas Craft Camp
And this time, not just for kids!! That’s right! Why should they have all the fun?

If you fancy having a fabulous, festive day (or half-day!) getting creative and crafty, join us 23rd Dec at Baslow Sports Field.

There’ll be sewing, baking (healthy of course) and sports on offer. 12+yrs (‘tweens’) go half price at £15.

For details and bookings, click here!



The Sewing Sessions @Baslow Sports Field
Ever wanted to learn how to make your own clothes?

Or have a stalled project you need some help with? If so, the amazing Marge can help!

Starting in January, each Thursday 1-5:30pm, her drop-in sessions are suitable for all abilities and ages 8+. Contact her on for details and vouchers.

Prices 1 hour: £7.50; 2 hours: £12.50; 3 hours: £15.00 (10% off for TrYumph customers)



Vegan Cooking Workshops & Cafe @Baslow Sports Field
Neil, the incredible vegan chef behind Contadino Atleta, invites you to learn and sample his ‘secrets’, giving you inspiration and guidance to help clean up your diets in 2020.

Contact him on 07375 640387 or to book on or to purchase a voucher.

(10% off for all TrYumph customers)




Give the gift of health! 
Ever feel you need a bit more ‘umph’ to get you back on the health wagon?

Why not TrY our £50 One-2-One Well-being Consultations? Plan your health assault on 2020 to ensure you TrYumph physically, mentally and nutritionally.

Subsequently half of the cost can be used as credit towards our TrY-Sports and Fitness Sessions and Running Technique Workshops.

Vouchers available! Contact me



Give the gift of healing
Are injuries holding you back from leading a healthier life?

Or do you or someone you know deserve some pampering? If so, Sarah and Guy of Baslow Physiotherapy would be delighted to help.

Call or visit their family-run practice to find out how. It could be your best move of the year:




Christmas Damage Limitation Guide
Do you tend to self-sabotage around this year? Only to regret the extra pounds come New Year? It’s so easily done.
Did you know, for example, that you can readily consume around 7000 calories for Christmas dinner alone?!
Never mind the Christmas parties and that ‘final’ blow out on he 31st… Some may call me scrooge, but there are so many tips and tricks you can implement to limit the damage, without feeling deprived.
This guide reveals all… Read it and be a ‘loser’ this year! 😉