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Pharmacies across the country can now help anyone who is suffering from domestic abuse. If a pharmacy has an Ask for ANI poster on display and you are suffering from abuse, you can ask for immediate help and support by using the ‘Ask for ANI’ codeword.

Home is not always a safe place and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into focus the impact of lockdown on domestic abuse victims and reinforced the importance of domestic abuse being ‘everyone’s business’.

This does not just apply to a lockdown situation and is equally true as restrictions change. Therefore, the domestic abuse codeword scheme Ask for ANI (Action Needed Immediately) is being established in pharmacies across the UK to enable victims of domestic abuse to access support within their local community.

Members of staff who work in pharmacies that are supporting Ask for ANI, will have the opportunity to support individuals who are experiencing domestic abuse.

There is a government guide that you can access by following this link.

Please note that separate information is also available for pharmacies running the Safe Spaces scheme.

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