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Parish Council increases precept

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This year the Parish Council has decided to increase its precept by a modest 3%. Maintenance costs for the burial ground and the orchard only ever increase and, with the implementation of the new Baslow Woodland Park, it was envisaged by the councillors that the maintenance contract will increase during the year.

All the residents of Baslow and Bubnell pay Council Tax and by doing so contribute to the work of the Parish Council. However, businesses, including B&Bs, hotels and restaurants pay Business Rates but no element of this tax is passed down to the Parish Council.

The Parish Council has recently supported the introduction of a new village website and has asked businesses based in the village for a very modest annual contribution to have their details listed on the website, which will help maintain the website (given that businesses don’t make any financial contribution to the Parish Council via the precept).

If you have any questions or would like to arrange to pay to have your business listed please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council: Sarah Porter.

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