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Parking problems on School Lane, Baslow

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During the last academic year there were a number of very near misses with children and cars on the road outside Baslow St Anne’s School.

These were mainly caused by people parking on the double yellow lines, which significantly reduces visibility for children and parents, as well as drivers. The double parking also caused drivers to mount the pavement to get past.

Thankfully no-one was hurt and the headteacher and staff would like to keep it that way. To further enhance road safety the PTA has funded signs outside the school asking people to park responsibly

They have also paid for a sign on the school wall reminding people of the voluntary one-way system that is in place during drop-off and pick-up, during term time, operating between 8.30–9.10am and 3.00-3.40pm

The school would be very grateful if people could drive UP Eaton Hill and DOWN School Lane.

They appreciate that some people in the village might not be aware of this one way system but may have seen the sign. Hopefully this message provides some more detail and the staff would like to ask people to follow this system if driving along School Lane during these times to help reduce congestion further.

If you have any queries regarding this please do get in touch with the School or the PTA. The Parish Council will be discussing this at their meeting on 18th September so please also contact the Clerk or reply to this email to raise anything.

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