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Baslow Quiz 3


Although the Coronavirus lockdown is easing, we still need something to divert and occupy our minds.

Here’s another mental challenge to keep you on your toes, courtesy of Christine Kirkman.

Quiz Three

Section 1: General Knowledge
1. What size of paper measures 105mm x 148mm
2. Which of the seven deadly sins is another word for laziness
3. How many knights are on a board at the start of the game of chess
4. Which is the second largest country in the world by area
5. In a medley swimming race, which stroke is performed on the first leg.
6. What piece of kitchen equipment is also a word meaning to harshly criticise
7. In which decade was the Highway Code introduced in the UK.
8. Which actor won Best Actor Oscar first. Gene Hackman or John Wayne
9. How many ridings of Yorkshire were there
10. .Four Weddings and a Funeral was released in which decade
11. What name is given to a baby shark
12. How many points is the yellow ball worth in snooker
13. Croses are members of which family
14. What word can mean both a smoothing hand tool and a computer storage document
15. Who played Jenny Lind in the 2017 film ‘The Greatest Showman’
16. What is the title of the second novel in Phillip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials trilogy
17. What city is also Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker’s middle name
18. What is the English meaning of ‘sous-chef’
19. To the nearest ten, what percentage of Earth is covered by water
20. How many years did it take Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Section 2: Order, Order!
1. Anniversaries – put these in date order of earliest first. Crystal – Pearl – China
2. Writers; put these in date order of earliest first. Charles Dickens – Mary Shelley – Johnathan Swift
3. Poets: put these in date order of earliest first. Ted Hughes – TS Elliott – William Wordsworth
4. Actors : put these in date order of oldest first. Tom Hanks – Al Pacino – Gene Hackman
5. Actresses: put these in date order of oldest first . Glenda Jackson – Liza Minnelli – Michelle Pfeiffer
6. Religions: put these in date order of oldest first. Islam – Buddhism – Hinduism
7. Prime Ministers UK put these in date order of office earliest first Neville Chamberlain – Stanley Baldwin – David Lloyd-George
8. USA Presidents – put these in date order of office earliest first Harry S Truman – Theodore Roosevelt – Woodrow Wilson
9. Russian Rulers – in date order earliest first. Peter I the Great – Catherine II the Great – Nicholas II
10. Distance from London closest first. Cardiff – Manchester – Plymouth

Section 3: Common Initials
All the answers have the same initials
1. What proverbially accompanies cold hands?
2. In which house did Catherine Earnshaw live?
3. What can be seen on hillsides at Uffington, 20 miles SW of Oxford and in the Vale of York?
4. In which part of the houses of parliament, built by William II, did Winston Churchill lie in state after his death?
5. Who first played the owner of the Tardis?
6. Which bandleader used the signature tune “woodchopper’s ball”?
7. In which novel does a Spanish sailor called Don Guzman appear?
8. Which famous artists work included the rake’s progress?
9. Which is England’s biggest cave?
10. What in mythology was Pegasus?

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