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Baslow Players


Baslow Players is a small group of fun, friendly like-minded people and we make new members very welcome.

Talent is not really an entrance requirement (although we do appreciate people who can sing), but the main aim is that we want everyone to get along, work together and produce something magical for others to enjoy.

Baslow Players has been entertaining audiences for many years and at one stage were we were producing a panto, two plays and a musical evening every year. The current committee is building up to producing one panto and one play each year.


In the last 4 years, we have developed a reputation for pantomimes, which have all been written by Baslow Players, with a more contemporary twist than most and with particular emphasis on an unpredictable storyline, which entertains adults and children alike.

For example, “Hansel and Gretel: a Magical Fairy Tale” was set on a Hogpimples theme; “The Three Little Pigs CSI” was set in a court room with the audience acting as members of the jury. “The Gingerbread Man” was based around the theme of Baslow-Bake-Off-meets-007 and our most recent production “The Panto Adventures of Mr Toad!” incorporated layers of Top Gear, Wind in the Willows, Star Wars, Dr Who and The Frog Prince. The production was well received by the local media: Matlock Mercury review.

Our next panto will be performed in¬†February 2017 and will be a production of “Goldilocks and the dot, dot, dot”.


In the last 4 years we have only produced one play and we are always actively seeking modern comedy scripts.

We started looking in February 2014 and we stumbled across “Cheshire Cats” by Gail Young (a brilliant, heart-warming, but emotional roller-coaster of a modern play, which was performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 2006). The central theme is the Moonwalk and we pledged to give all profits to local and national cancer charities;

with our audience’s support were able to donate over ¬£300. We thought it would be easy to find another script we liked, but this has proved to be more¬†challenging than we thought. But, we might just have found one, although this is subject to finding the cast and booking a date when everyone is available and the village hall is free.

We are looking at performing the play during the last week in September or the first week in October (dates will be confirmed as soon as we can).

Meetings & Rehearsals

Pantomime rehearsals start in September when we meet on Thursdays 6.45-9.15pm, usually in Baslow’s village hall; as the performance gets closer we also rehearse on some Sundays 2-5pm.

Please note that for children under 12, we ask that a parent or guardian is present, and for children aged 12-18 we have a Behaviour Charter, and will contact parents if we think their child has behaved outside the scope of the charter.


The cost to join the Baslow Players is just £2 per family. If you are interested in joining our happy crew, please send an e-mail to Zoe Wareham or call: 07812 440530.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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