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Parish Councillors

In this section you will find all the contact details for the Parish Councillors.

You can contact the Parish Councillors on a wide range of issues that affect the parish of Baslow and Bubnell, and you can also contact Sarah Porter, the Clerk to the Parish Council, by email.

Parish Councillors

Contact Details

Sarah Porter

Clerk to the Parish Councillors
Pynot Cottage
School Lane
Beeley DE4 2NU

T: 01629 312168
M: 07866 695132
E: send an email to Sarah

Chris Brown | Chairman

Having lived in Baslow as I child, I moved back to the village with my family in 2003.

I am married with three children and am a partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants. I am a Licenced Insolvency Practitioner and specialise in Business Recovery, helping clients who are in financial difficulty.

I joined the Parish Council in 2006 having taken a keen interest in what was happening in the village. I became vice-chairman in 2007 and then chairman in 2011. I have been actively involved in several working parties, helping to create the Baslow Jubilee Community Orchard (to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee) and the Baslow Woodland Park.

My interests include running, mountainbiking and music.

Over Lane
DE45 1SA

T: 01246 583022
E: send an email to Chris 

Jane Buckham

Resident in the village since 2007, I’ve worked with the surgery on the Patient Participation Group before becoming a Parish Councillor. I am also involved with running the Senior Citizens Club and on the Festivals committee.

I was born in the Wirral and brought up outside London, moving north to attend university in Manchester. After that we lived in Sheffield and visited Baslow, always admiring the village.

Since becoming a Councillor I’ve worked with the Gardening Club to improve the appearance of the village roundabouts, and am currently on the Keep Baslow Beautiful working group.

Baslow is such a great village to live in we need to keep it in top condition, despite cutbacks in local authority services.

Hydro Cottage
Bar Road
DE45 1SF

T: 01246 582605
E: send an email to Jane 

Richard Clark

Calver Road
DE45 1RR

T: 01246 583971
E: send an email to Richard

David Dalrymple-Smith

I arrived in the village in 1966 as the junior partner in the Baslow Surgery and worked there as village GP until I retired in 2001. As time passed, my family grew up and I developed my interest in the Peak District, the walks, the flowers the geology: I got to know the area well, helped by being a volunteer Peak Park Ranger and a member of the Edale Mountain Rescue Team  

With retirement, a gentler life and more spare time I decided to look into history of Baslow. The knowledge accumulated has now given me the title of unofficial historian of the village.  

My early contribution to the village had been through the school Parent Teacher Association and then the Garden Society. When I retired I decided that I could contribute further by joining the Parish Council which I did in 2003.

I am still here, a long term resident and long term Parish Councillor, with interests in The Garden Society, the Community Orchard and the History Group. Rather older and stiffer, but still helping especially with my knowledge of the village and its past.

Ashenfell House
Church Lane
DE45 1SP

T: 01246 582199
E: send an email to David

David Dawson

I have been a Baslow resident for 10 years or so and take an active part in village activities including the Garden Society, the Baslow History Group and the Calver Film Society. I have chaired the Community Orchard Group since the orchard was established, instigated the annual Winter Festival and organised the new village sign on Goose Green.

As a member of the Parish Council for nine years, I have led the development of the Community Orchard and chaired the group to establish the Woodland Park. I currently play a role in the Keep Baslow Beautiful scheme and am leading the attempts to regenerate the area of Bridge End and Bubnell.

Professionally, I spent over 30 years in the NHS as a doctor, Consultant Physician, senior manager and Medical Director. After retirement I did a spell in management consultancy. I have four children and eight grandchildren, none of whom are local but visit regularly. My main hobbies are reading and following Test cricket!

Howard Cottage
Eaton Hill
DE45 1SB

T: 01246 582998
E: send an email to David 

Gabriele Di Vitantonio

I am a member of Baslow & Bubnell Parish Council and have lived in Baslow for 22 years.

I joined the council as I have a business that has thrived in Baslow, as well as a daughter who goes to the local primary school.

I feel I would like to contribute to keeping Baslow in the best condition possible for future generations, to be able to sustain, develop and improve our village .

I find it very interesting, having an insight to local news and problems which arise and being a member of the the team to resolve them.

I hope to continue and learn more of the workings of the Parish Council.

Il Lupo Ristorante e Pizzeria
Eaton Hill
DE45 1SB

T: 01246 583164
E: send an email to Gabriele

Jonathan Holsgrove

15 Church View Drive
DE45 1RA

T: To be added
E: send an email to Jonathan

Tim Tucker

As a Devonian my first 23 years were spend around Exeter, with school and qualification leading to marriage. We then moved first to London, then to the North East, North Devon and back to London, before time leaving as a family for a number of years in the Caribbean.

We returned to work in Sheffield and moved to Derbyshire, living in Stoney Middleton, Eastmoor and we live in Baslow.

Classical music has always occupied my thoughts whilst a long-term interest has been with Quality Assurance applied to both manufacturing and services.

Calver Road
DE45 1RR

T: 07860 591949
E: send an email to Tim

Susan Hobson

District Councillor
Derbyshire Dales District Council
Town Hall
Matlock DE4 3NN

T: 01629 761100
E: send an email to Susan

Susan Hobson

County Councillor
Derbyshire County Council
County Hall
Matlock DE4 3AG

T: 01629 533190
E: send an email to Susan


Baslow & Bubnell Parish Council has two vacancies, so if you’re interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please contact Sarah Porter, Clerk to the Parish Councillors (see details above).