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Baslow Quiz 1


During the Coronavirus lockdown, we all need something to divert and occupy our minds. Here’s a quick mental challenge to keep you on your toes, courtesy of Christine Kirkman.  

The answers to Quiz One are in green and the reasons are in red, below:


Identify which is the odd-one out in each of the following lists and state why:

  1. Bears, Bulls, Cowboys, Dolphins, Giants, Steelers (is a basketball team, the rest are American football teams)
  2. Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker, Octopussy (the Bond theme tune was not performed by Shirley Bassey)
  3. Gigi, The King and I, Oklahoma, The Sound of Music, South Pacific (the musical not written by Rogers & Hammerstein)
  4. Beethoven, Ray Charles, George III, John Milton, Stevie Wonder (Beethoven was deaf, all the others were blind)
  5. Apache, Blackfoot, Huron, Montana, Pawnee, Sioux (is a US state, the others are native American tribes)
  6. Arsenal, Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Port Vale, Chelsea (the football club that isn’t based in London)
  7. Chutnet, Dungarees, Jodhpurs, Pyjamas, Shampoo, Taboo, Verandah (is Polynesian, the others are Indian in origin) 
  8. Honor Blackman, Joanna Lumley, Helen Mirren, Diana Rigg, Linda Thorse (all the other starred in The Avengers)
  9. Flying Scotsman, Golden Arrow, Great Eastern, Eastern & Oriental Express, Trans Siberian Express (it was a ship, the others are trains) 
  10. Aria, Concerto, Overture, Prelude, Serenade, Sonata, Symphony (the others relate to more than one performer)


Identify the following from their initial letters:

  1. Off the record
  2. Fly off the handle
  3. Take the mickey
  4. Pull a fast one
  5. Knocked for six
  6. Poke your nose in
  7. Tie the knot
  8. Go fifty fifty
  9. Tighten your belt
  10. Do a runner

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