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Scam alert

It has come to the attention of Baslow & Bubnell Parish Council that a company is masquerading as a legitimate online directory of Parish Councils around the country. The company lists fraudulent websites that have no relation to official council websites.

The company in question is, which has been sending out invoices to local businesses for taking listings on their fake websites.

Please ignore any emails from this company or any that purport to be from Baslow & Bubnell Parish Council.

The web address for the Baslow & Bubnell Parish Council is:, which is the site you are now on, but the address the scammers are taking people to, is: We have not provided a link to this web address and strongly advise against visiting it.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Sarah Porter, Clerk to the Parish Councillors by email

Categorized: Crime

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