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Complete control over color & typography

What’s the meaning of the phrase Freedom To Create when it comes to the WordPress Customizer? It means having colors and typography at your fingertips and being able to complete change the aspect of your website in just a few clicks.

Fenix integrates with the WordPress Customizer thanks to the custom designed advanced typography and color controls that allow for complex edits to be easy: for example, you can perform batch changes over several layout elements, or change down to the tiniest detail, keeping the custom CSS overhead to the bare minimum.

800+ Google Fonts

The entire library of Google Fonts is available for you to use in your website, and is updated at every theme release.


Integrate with your Typekit account and load premium quality fonts in your existing design.

Custom fonts

If you have a custom webfont that you’d like to use, you can import it as well.

All fonts are loaded using the WebFont loader which speeds up the rendering of the page, nice!

Accessibility Toolbar