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Baslow Village Hall news

There are two new events at Baslow Village Hall in the next few months, as detailed in their latest newsletter, which you can view online HERE.

Poet Mark Gwynne Jones | Voices from the Peak | 23 March @ 7.30pm

This award winning show combines spoken word, soundscape, and archive recordings to evoke a landscape rich with both beauty and danger.

From the voices of mineral miners who illuminate the story of lead mining, to the origins of well dressing ‚Äď Mark‚Äôs funny and absorbing in-person presentation rediscovers the stories that connect us to the land.


Community Gong Bath 26 April 6.30pm

The vibration of a gong is a powerful median, it can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Help alleviate anxiety
  • Slow the heart rate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Clear the mind
  • Promote natural breathing rhythm

A gong or sound bath creates ‘an ocean of sound’ that encourages a natural state of profound relaxation. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, (natural body rhythms like breathing) to counteract the over-stressed sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight response.)

‚Äč‚ÄčGongs induce a whole-body felt vibration and a deeply impactful meditative state is created in the mind. This results in a sense of expanded ‘awareness and wholeness’. The vibrations and sounds of the gongs enable negativity to leave the mind and body, the perfect method for effortless relaxation. This really is quality ‘you time’. Event host ‚Äď Gongs by Julia


Please feel free to forward the email link to friends or family if you think they might be interested or let them have the link HERE to receive Baslow Village Hall’s regular newsletter.


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