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Fibre broadband update

Baslow & Bubnell Parish Council has been facilitating the improvement of the parish’s broadband network from copper to full fibre, which is faster and more reliable, by working with Openreach.

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to the voucher scheme. There have been 175 pledges which means the scheme will happen for the network over the next 12 months, but they cannot guarantee every property will be connected, especially the more remote areas.

Those who have already pledged will now be receiving their verification emails. Please do respond to this email to ensure the scheme is completed in as much as Baslow and Bubnell as possible.

This map shows the scope of the current Openreach Fibre Community Partnership scheme, which Baslow and Bubnell is within, together with Pilsley and Edensor. The red dots represent properties with no fibre currently.

The pledging website (link below) will remain open and so please do sign up and encourage your neighbours too, this will help connect more of the parish to be connected including residents in more remote areas.

Key points to note

Openreach will only get the voucher money once the build is complete and the householder has signed up to a fibre contract.

If you pledge Openreach will tackle any issues with underground network on your land, if you don’t but order later you may be charged for any works

Openreach is the wholesaler and the service can be provided by your existing supplier or one of the 690+ suppliers available (see below).

If you are already within a contract, your supplier will adapt it to fibre as the suppliers have signed up to do this with the government.

This project is one of only 40 across the country. The build won’t be as disruptive as other utilities as utilising the existing network. Openreach will keep the parish informed of their progress.

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