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Baslow WI

Baslow WI has a membership of over 80 women of varying ages and living in towns and villages in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, as well as Baslow.

Full membership in 2017 costs £39 (on a sliding scale for first time members) and we also welcome members of other WIs as ‘dual members’ to Baslow (the cost is £19).

Baslow WI is extremely active. As well as the monthly meetings and social afternoons they have book, craft, cycling and walking  groups, and a monthly lunch club. They arrange regular visits to places of interest, including theatres, restaurants and pubs.

They have book swaps and a bring & buy table and raise money to run their WI and to support local charities. There is a varied programme of speakers and workshops throughout the year. 

For more information visit their website:

Ann McPhie
Baslow WI

Contact Ann via email HERE


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