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Burial Ground Regulations
The Parish Council is responsible for the burial ground in Baslow, which are governed by burial ground regulations; these are reviewed annually.

This year the Parish Council has amended the pricing structure slightly and laid the document out differently. If you would like to see a full copy of the regulations they are on the village website (CLICK HERE) and available from the Clerk (Send an e-mail to the Clerk to the Parish Council) or call: 01629 732365

The key items to be aware of are:

  • It is the responsibility of the person who commissions the memorial, or is deemed its owner, to maintain the memorial in a safe condition.
  • All memorials shall have a permanent mark identifying the monumental mason supplying the memorial (this will normally be on the rear of the plinth).
  • The burial ground shall be maintained in a level condition without any permanent earth mounds.
  • Only vases, real flowers, wreaths and small planters can only be placed on graves. No lights or other memorabilia may be kept on the grave.
  • The Parish Council inspects the burial ground regularly and has noticed that some memorabilia has appeared on graves. The Parish Council respectfully requests that these are removed in accordance with the regulations. The Parish Council is within its rights to remove an items which are not compliant.

It is that time of year again when the Council Tax letters appear! This year the Parish Council has decided to increase its precept by 3%. Maintenance costs for the burial ground and orchard only ever increase and, with the implementation of the Woodland Park it is envisaged the maintenance contract will increase during the year.

All residents pay Council Tax and so contribute to the work of the Parish Council. However businesses, including B&Bs, hotels, etc., pay Business Rates but no element of this tax is passed down to the Parish Council.

The Parish Council has recently supported the introduction of a new village website ( and has asked businesses on the website for a very modest annual contribution to help maintain the website as they do not contribute via the precept.

At the end of last year a bench inspection was carried out by the Parish Council Clerk. This showed that a number of the benches in Baslow are in need of some TLC.

The Clerk has arranged for the metal benches on Eaton Hill to be sent away for repairs and repainting by an ironmonger.

However, a number of the wooden benches need rubbing down and retreating or rubbing down and left to weather as bare wood. The Parish Council wondered if there were any volunteers in the village who may wish to help with this? The Council could organise a bench working party day or individuals could ‘tackle’ a bench in their own time. If you think you could help with this please contact the Parish Clerk on 01629 732365.

Planning Applications

NP/DDD/0316/0196 – Westborne, Gorse Bank Lane, Baslow – Proposed single storey side extension and front elevation canopy
NP/DDD/0316/0193 – Bubnell Hall. Bubnell Lane, Baslow – Listed building consent – Change of use of part of east range of outbuilding from gym to office
NP/DDD/0316/0194 – Bubnell Hall, Bubnell Lane, Baslow – Change of use of part of east range of outbuilding from gym to office
NP/NMA/0216/0158 – Berrylea, 9 Eaton Drive, Baslow – Non material amendment on NP/DDD/1010/1032 – extension to dwelling
NP/DDD/0216/0152 – 4 Royal Croft Drive, Baslow – Proposed alterations to a disabled person’s dwelling house to improve access, safety, comfort – Pedestrian access ramp from public footpath to front door and raised garden terrace to provide outdoor living space
NP/DDD/0216/0116 – Former Rutland Arms, Calver Road, Baslow – Section 73 application for the variation of condition 8 – hours of delivery on NP/DDD/0115/0040 – Parish Council has already objected to this
NP/DDD/0216/0090 – Land Adjacent to Baslow Sportsfield, Baslow Sports Club, Baslow – Develop a piece of woodland into a woodland park for recreational use

NP/DDD/0216/0088 – 3 Wheatlands Lane, Baslow – Vehicular/pedestrian access and driveway – Pending
NP/DDD/0915/0824 – Redbourne Cottage, White Lodge Lane, Baslow – Two storey side extension to detached dwelling over and to the rear of existing garage – Appeal
NP/DDD/1215/1211 – Holmcroft, Over Lane, Baslow – Erection of shed and extension of existing shed – Granted conditionally
3138958 (appeal) – Gorse Hill, Gorse Bank Lane, Baslow – Removal of Condition 3 of planning approval NP/DDD/0415/0344 – Appeal

Storage container in field – Clerk chased Peak Park and their enforcement officer, Rosie Ollie, is confident this will be removed in April.

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