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Mobile Phone Security

Anthony Boswell, Police, PCSO, Derbyshire Dales, advises that everyone should follow these simple steps to help protect your mobile phone and to keep safe.

Using your phone when in the street

Are you making a call or using your phone in the street? Ensure that you check your surroundings; is there anyone on a bicycle or moped nearby, that could be ready to swipe your phone out of your hand

Look up, look out – we all can be glued to our mobile phones at times and be in a little bubble, distracting yourself from what is around you; remain vigilant whilst you are using your phone.

Do you need to be on your mobile phone for a long time? Make it as quick as you can, so that you are not putting yourself at risk of theft.

Try not to text while you’re walking – you may not notice what is going on around you. Stand close to a building so that no one can come up behind you or be put in danger if you are close to the road.

Go hands free – many of us nowadays use headphones whether they are wires or wireless – this means your mobile phone is not on show whilst either listening to music or on a phone call. Don’t forget – if you do cross the road, pause/turn down your music or phone call so you can concentrate.

Phone security

Ensure that your phone’s security features are switched on, to protect your phone.

Keep your phone locked and password protected when not in use – so that thieves cannot immediately access it, or exploit the biometrics authentication.

Some phones have other security features that may allow you to wipe data, lock your handset, or prevent a thief from restoring a phone to its factory setting from another internet device.

You should consider installing an anti-theft app. These can be effective way of helping police tracing your phone and identify the thief.

Know how to identify your phone if it’s stolen

Every mobile phone has an IMEI number, which helps police, insurance, and other companies to identify it if it’s stolen. UK network operators can also stop a stolen phone from working across their networks.

You can find your IMEI number by dialling *#06# from your mobile phone and keep a written note of it. In the event of it being stolen you can report it to your mobile phone provider to stop it being used.

Register your mobile phone (and any other property) at Immobilise to help police recover stolen property and combat the sale of stolen goods. Police recover more that 2,500 items on average a month registered to the website.

Remember, never to confront a thief or risk your own safety for the sake of your mobile phone.

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