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Snowball app

A message from Snowball, the new app that helps empower those with physical disabilities and mental health issues:

Hello from the Snowball Community. 

Snowball is ready to download and create your very own interactive accessible community, giving people with physical disabilities, mental health issues and learning disabilities the ability to go out and socialise with ease, but it also gives people the choice of where to go out, rather than turning up to venues and being turned away.

Snowball users will be able to see what facilities and venues are available in their immediate location, they will be also able plan exciting days out giving people more freedom to access their communities, explore and travel with confidence.

Hundreds of councils and businesses including universities, NHS Trusts, premiership/championship football clubs, supermarkets and national care agencies, cinemas, restaurants, takeaways and charity organisations to name a few have agreed to sign up to this completely free service.

Using Snowball, your community will able to add a venue, add pictures, leave a review and say if you would go back. A team of volunteers took on the challenge of mapping Loughborough Town centre, within a few hours they had mapped hundreds of venues, creating a detailed map of where’s accessible and where not in Loughborough. Please see image below.

We also have celebrities and disability campaigners based all over the UK acting as our Snowball Community Ambassadors.

We hope you are excited to be involved in this new fast moving disabled community app, that will have an immediate impact on millions of lives around the world.

Simon Sansome
Founder of Snowball

For more information email our support team:

Visit their website: HERE

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Snowball Community
Snowball Community

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