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Parish Council Update

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Village Events
The Parish Council are happy to assist in letting residents know about any noise issues that may arise from one off events especially involving fireworks.  The Clerk would never give an exact location so would not cause issues with security; it would allow residents to be aware and take the necessary precautions with their animals.
Please contact the Parish Council Clerk with any details of events and parties
Caravans blocking the road
The Parish Council is aware that this year has seen a number of caravans blocking roads locally and the Sports Field car park.  The Parish Council is working with the Sports Field and Caravan Club to address this.
If you notice any caravans or motorhomes blocking the road plase take note of the registration number and let the Clerk know.  She is passing these to the Caravan Club for them to enforce sanctions against the member.
Baslow Woodland Park
The woodland project is moving forward since the planning permission was finally granted.  The Parish Council and Woodland Working Committee have appointed Peak Playgrounds as their preferred supplier for the equipment.  Installation of the equipment is being scheduled for September, which will be followed by an official opening ceremony.
The existing playground, adjacent to the pavilion on the Baslow Sports Field, has reached the end of its life. Therefore, the Parish Council will be removing all the equipment except the Tower.  This will be remodelled to bring it up to the latest RoSPA guidelines.
This area will then be handed to the Sports Field to maintain going forward, although the Parish Council will continue to undertake the annual RoSPA report with the new equipment in the woodland.
If you would like to get involved with the project or have any questions, please contact the Parish Council Clerk.
Have you visited the village website recently at  The calendar is updated with as many of the local events and activities as the Parish Council Clerk is informed of and now has a section for properties for sale or to rent in the village; not to mention the link to the Baslow buy/sell and swap Facebook page.
If you have anything you would like adding to the website, then please contact the Parish Council Clerk.
  • NP/DDD/0618/0538 – Rockwood, Bar Road, Baslow – Single storey side extension.
  • NP/DDD/0718/0587 – Fieldside, Calver Road, Baslow – Single storey extension to rear with raised patio
  • NP/DDD/0618/0524 – Co-Operative Food Store, Calver Road, Baslow        – Advertisement consent – Erection of 12 signs
  • NP/DDD/0418/0332 – Ridge House, Eaton Hill, Baslow – Demolition of existing side extension and front porch, construction of new side extension and front porch and internal reconfiguration – Granted conditionally
  • NP/DDD/0117/0012 – 3 Wheatlands Lane, Baslow – Pedestrian/vehicular access and driveway – pending

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