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Christmas all wrapped up

An alternative Christmas gift

If you have got awkward people to buy for that don’t ‘need’ anything or maybe they or you are moving away from consumerism, in favour of experiences and supporting local businesses, then Baslow-based TrYumph In Life CIC might just have the perfect gift.

For gifts that keep on giving, check out their One-2-One Wellbeing Consultations, Sports/Fitness Subscriptions and Online Running Technique Analyses/Physio Screenings. They also offer sparkly vouchers for the above, plus a range of ethical merchandise.

Contact TrYumph In Life by clicking on this LINK

And, thinking of Christmas, you might want to check out their Christmas Calorie Damage Limitation Guide for some powerful tips that you’ll thank yourself for following.

Alternative to Black Friday

Instead of offering a Black Friday Discount, Tryumph Health is donating an extra 10% to support the¬†Children’s Cancer Hospital Fundraiser with Paula Radcliffe, as Becky Lyne (who runs TrYumph In Life) explains:

“This is a project very close to my heart. Back when I was an athlete I used to babysit for Paula’s daughter. Last year Isla won a battle with ovarian cancer at just 13 years of age.

Had she lived in Africa, it would likely have been a different story. 9/10 children diagnosed with cancers are dying in sub-Saharan Africa, vs 1/10 in the West.

“Through her Families on Track initiative, Paula is heading up a fundraising challenge to build¬†sub-Saharan Africa‚Äôs FIRST children‚Äôs cancer hospital. She is¬†encouraging¬†children and their families to¬†seek sponsorship as they pledge to run 50 miles¬†(total, not each!) in the run up to Christmas.¬†The challenge can also be adapted for schools and businesses and can also be completed in the New Year. You get a free Nike t-shirt if you raise over ¬£10!

“I have already been supporting the existing children’s hospital for the last 5 years by donating 10% of my running subs to them and providing materials/instructions/funding for them to replicate the activities we do on our holiday camps (the bottom right picture being from a visit there just pre-covid). And so¬†I’d love to support you and your family/school/business/organisation¬†in getting going with the challenge and will be offering anyone that signs up a free place on a running technique workshop (worth ¬£30).”

Christmas Calorie Damage Limitation Guide

Over the festive season it’s too easy to eat and drink more than you really want to, but ‘because it’s Christmas’ we can easily make excuses for that extra mince pie or glass of mulled wine.

Helping you to stay in control over Christmas and New Year, Becky has put together a very useful guide, which you can read and download HERE.

Tryumphant New Year Camp 4-7 January 2022

Tryumph Health is offering a jam-packed schedule of activities from 4-7 January 2022. Suitable for ages 4-13, with opportunities for those aged 14 and over to volunteer and work on the camp, where every child has a chance to shine.

There will be free places to children on free school meals.


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