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Parish Meeting summary

Parish Meeting

There was a good turn-out for the annual Parish meeting, which was held on Thursday 16 June in the Village Hall.

The Parish Council gave an update on things they are working on.

The parking consultation deadline had just passed. There were about 200 responses from 600 questionnaires, this is a great response to any consultation. The responses were from all parts of Baslow.

There was no clear winner for a solution and so work will now continue further analysing the responses and looking at options. Speeding is a known issue and the Parish Council is currently looking at taking part in the County Council and Police trial to have speed indicator devices.

These are the devices which flash up with smiley or sad faces. There is a grant available to partly fund these for a 12-month scheme. The Parish Council would need to buy the equipment and maintain them.  After 12 months, the Parish Council would not be asked to remove them. The Parish Council has identified 3 areas which are the main road coming on from Golden Gates, the bridge on Chatsworth Road and Calver Road, near Fischers.

The Keep Baslow Beautiful working group has looked in to Quiet Lane status. A quiet lane offers protection to walkers, horse riders, etc and vehicles are still allowed on quiet lanes. They have small signs at the beginning of the quiet lane and vehicles are not expected to go above 20mph.

Quiet lanes tend to be minor roads where they connect on to footpaths. There was a discussion about this and there is support for this at Wheatlands Lane, possibly Bubnell Lane and the end of Over Lane.

The working group is also working on installing 5 planters around the church area of the village. There are 2 already at the entrance to the church which have been planted up.  There are 3 planters awaiting final County Council approval to go on the footpaths at the church end of the village. The Old Ford has been looked at in depth and discussions have been had with the Church about linking in. It has been put to one side as there are a number of priorities for the Parish Council at the moment.

Jon Rawlinson, Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator for Baslow and Bubnell, talked about the CCTV proposal. The consultation closing date was 27 May. 422 votes validated of which 23 were from outside the village. 411 voted for the system and so the project will now be developed. The pilot scheme had 2 cameras at Stanton Ford and Bubnell Lane.  2 more are proposed on the A619 and Bakewell Road.

Baslow Community Orchard is 10 years old this year and Apple Day will be a celebration event.

Baslow History Group is back in action. There is a regular newsletter and the production of a Baslow History book. Monthly meetings are held which are advertised on the website.

A full set of the notes has been emailed around by the Parish Council and are available on this website.

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